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Our gel nail services are performed by our trained, talented & friendly experts with outstanding attention to detail and care. We have services ranging from a 30 minute express service perfect for a lunch break to luxury signature versions.

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What are gel nails?

There are two types of gel manicure using either soft or hard gel. By far the most popular type of gel nails are our gel polish manicures – and for good reason – usually to do with the durability of the product and its natural look. You can choose from an express service to a full signature gel manicure from our menu above and read thorough descriptions to find the right service for you.

Hard gel, sometimes referred to as sculptured gel, is used for nail extensions and is an in-salon service that should be applied by a qualified nail technician. If you’re looking for nail extensions, please visit our nail extensions page from the menu at the bottom of the page to see our full selection of nail extension products.

What is gel nail polish?

Gel polish or soft gel is a liquid gel that comes in a bottle and is applied over your natural nails. The application of gel polish is similar to standard nail polish. The difference is that there is no air drying time and instead each coat is cured in a UV or LED lamp to harden the gel nail polish.

It is no surprise that gel nails manicures are one of our most popular in-salon services. Gel nail polish provides 14+ days of chip-free wear which can often last longer depending on many factors, including how quickly your nails grow, how the gel polish was applied and lifestyle. If you book one of our gel nail manicure services, we provide aftercare advice on our website and emails to help you maintain your manicure for longer.

Also, in comparison to acrylic or hard gel nail extensions, gel polish is a much quicker service. It usually takes about 30-45 minutes when done by a professional nail technician. Gel polish manicures gives your nails a more natural look as it’s applied over natural nails just like a standard nail polish.

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