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Shellac Nails

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Our gel nails manicures are performed by our trained, talented & friendly experts with outstanding attention to detail and care. We use Gel Bottle and have services ranging from a 30 minute express service perfect for a lunch break to luxury signature versions.

Gel Manicures

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Phone: 01613121633

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Shellac or gel polish manicure?

Shellac nails or Shellac manicure is a long-lasting gel polish. Despite Shellac being a brand of a gel polish produced by CND company, many often refer to any gel polish as shellac. The difference between shellac and normal gel polish is that shellac is a semi-permanent polish, whereas gel polish is a semi-permanent gel. The end finish and application remain the same though for Shellac gel polish and other gel polish brands. All require the use of a UV or LED lamp to cure the coats applied.

What is the alternative to Shellac nails?

At Janea Nail Studio, we use The Gel Bottle Inc (TGB) brand for our gel manicures. TGB does not have a strong odour,  is free from harmful chemicals, cruelty-free and vegan to name just a few benefits. When applied by our talented nail technicians, you are guaranteed a chip-free gel manicure for over 14 days. We also have 100+ colours to choose from. You can explore our gel manicure services above and if you need some added inspiration visit our gallery page or follow our Instagram page!

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