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Acrylic Nails - King St West

King St West, Manchester City Centre

We specialise in precise and healthy acrylic nail services in the heart of Manchester. Our services are designed to last – our technicians take their time with the detail to ensure you a fabulous set of acrylic nails.

How to find us?

Janea Nails & Waxing, 27-29 King St West, Manchester, M3 2PN

Phone: 01613121633

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Salon Safety Guide

  • We have changed our layout to ensure that most of our stations and waiting points are 2m+ apart. Where this is not possible, we have protective screens in place.
  • We have protective screens on manicure tables and our technicians will wear PPE including visors and gloves.
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, please wait until a safe time to book your appointment.
  • Please observe 1m+ social distancing.
  • You will be required to use hand sanitiser on entering.
  • Please arrive promptly at the time of your appointment to minimise any waiting time.
  • When waiting is required, please wait at a designated waiting point which are clearly marked on the floor and visible from outside the salon.
  • You must attend your appointment on your own.

Are acrylic nails for me?

Acrylic nails are a great way to quickly add some length to your nails. They can look very natural and elegant as well as very long and bright –  it all depends on the look you want to achieve. Acrylic nail extensions are stylish for all events and everyday wear.

How are acrylic nail extensions created?

An acrylic nail extensions service starts with filing your nails short to have the base from which to build the extension length with acrylic. There are then 2 ways to extend the nails; the first is using tips (a plastic imitation of the nail) which are glued to your natural nails using a special nail glue and then shaped into the desired form. The acrylic is then applied and when it sets the nail surface gets filed to create the perfect shape.

The second way to extend nails is by doing sculptured acrylic nails. With this technique, the nail technician applies a paper form on your nails to create the perfect shape with acrylic material and then the form is removed for the nail surface to be filed.

Both methods are used in salons, with the tips being the older method. Which one to choose is completely up to you, it all depends on your natural nail forms.

Looking for a perfect set of acrylic nails in Manchester?

At Janea Nail Studio, we pay close attention to your nails to create the best acrylic extensions for you. As well as this, we believe a good manicure prior to your set of acrylic extensions is the key for your nail extensions to last longer and look great. Therefore, we include a manicure as standard in our nail extensions service. 

We also include gel polish in your service and have a wide selection of amazing colours to choose from. All our gel polishes are free from odours, however due to the nature of acrylic, there will be some odour from the material. We use a special equipment to reduce odours, but odours cannot be eliminated fully. If you are concerned about odours we recommend a hard gel extensions instead.

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