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Acrylic Nail Extensions - Rebalance

Smooth Surface – Detailed Cuticle Work – Rebalance – Shape – Colour – Moisturiser – 80 minutes – Manchester City Centre


Service Summary

Our Acrylic Nail Extensions Rebalance is perfect for those who have had their acrylic extensions for 2-3 weeks and need to fill in the growth area.

We will:

  • Use an e-file or file to smooth over the nail surface
  • Perform detailed cuticle work – usually trimming and tidying
  • Apply acrylic material
  • Shape your nail extensions
  • Apply a colour of your choice  (standard or gel polish)
  • Seal with durable top coat
  • Soften your hands with moisturiser lotion
  • Finish the service with cuticle oil

What products do we use?

All our cuticle oils, creams, scrubs and masks are by Cuccio Naturale collection. The products contain naturally sourced ingredients and do not contain parabens. For our acrylic extensions we use worldwide recognised brand NSI. They pioneer the acrylic technology for nail extensions. For over 50 years NSI has been advancing the technology of nail products to provide the highest quality products. NSI never test products on animals.

How to find us?

Janea Nails & Waxing, 27-29 King St West, Manchester, M3 2PN

Phone: 01613121633

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More Info

  • The service duration is guidance only. Most services complete in the specified time but the service may last longer or shorter.
  • You can enhance this service with French nails or any of our other nail art. Please see our nail art menu below for styles, timings and prices.
  • Nail extensions usually last 2 weeks or more. To help make your nail extensions stay beautiful and last for longer read our aftercare guide here.
  • We recommend to book your rebalance service in advance. Rebalance is recommended every 2 to 3 weeks. After 3 week we cannot guarantee we will be able to do the rebalance service.
  • We do not apply nail extensions to anyone under the age of 16.

Repair Policy

  • We have a 7 day fix policy – if your nail extensions chip within 7 days, we will fix it for free. After 7 days we will charge £4 per nail. Please see the terms and conditions for full details.
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